Dogs on the beach at Dawlish Warren

Direction to Groyne 3

Dawlish Warren is a dog friendly area but PLEASE follow the signs and pick up after your dog - there are plenty of bins!

In the summer it can get very hot so do consider if your pet will actually enjoy the trip to the beach?  If it is convenient it may be better to leave your dog at home, but NEVER in a car.  (Have you ever tried sitting in a car on a warm day with the window down just a few inches?)

There is a "Dog Walking" leaflet on the right so please take a look at it as it has a simple map of exactly when and where you can take your dog.

On this page you can see samples of the signs that are placed strategically at our resort - please observe them and in that way everyone can enjoy their day out!  (Remember that not everyone loves dogs as much as you do...)

No dogs signJack the spaniel enjoying an early morning walkNo dogs on this part of the beach