A wild day out for Spring

Nature reserve at Dawlish Warren

The "Weekend - Spring Special" of The Times...

In his ideas for a day out this Spring, The Times correspondent, Christopher Somerville has Dawlish Warren at Number 3 and has this to say...

"There are ancient sand dunes here, stained pink from the underlying sandstone, packed with wild flowers in spring, including the spectacular blue sea holly and yellow evening primrose with big crinkled petals. Come in April on a sunny day and with luck you'll see Dawlish Warren's floral star, Romulea columnae, a delicate little pale lilac sand crocus whose only known British mainland locations are here and at Polruan, Cornwall."


The Times, Saturday 13th April 2013

Dawlish Warren Nature reserveDawlish Warren Nature Reserve Bird HideDawlish Warren Nature Reserve